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Legal Stuff

Q. How many people can we seat in a Limousine

A. It is Illegal to carry more than 8 passengers in a conventional style vehicle ie: Lincoln Town Car, Chrysler 300c, Cadllac etc. no matter how long the conversion may be. The only vehicles capable of legally carrying over 8 passengers are the Party Buses, SUV/4X4 style Limos ie: Ford Excursion, H2 Hummers as so long as they have a COIF ( Certificate of Inital Fitness )


Q. Can we bring our own drinks

A. You sure can but please remember it is not always possible to just pull up quickly when nature calls,  as most stretch limos will not fit in some small garages so drink in moderation or learn to cross your legs!!!, In the Party Bus cans of beer are safer than bottles as the floor is not carpeted and will not shatter if droped.

Q. Can we smoke in the car

A. Sorry no ( it is now illegal ) but if time allows and we can pull over safely we will be more than happy to stop for you

Q. Can you drop all the girls off at home on the way back

A. We always make sure you get to your front door safely so much so that if any of your party live somewhere that we can't get the limo due to road width/restrictions the driver will walk that person to their front door to ensure you all arrive home safely, However we do suggest that you arrange one drop off point and have some local Taxis meet us and take you on to your final destination, The reason for this is it is sometimes impossible to manouvre a 34ft Limo around some narrow roads and estates due to vehicles being parked close to corners and road junctions.

Q. Is it best to accept the cheapest price?

A. The biggest mistake one could make when shopping for a Limousine service is shopping on the price alone.

In the Limousine industry, there are many variances of quality and price. Most consumers would not choose a restaurant on price alone, yet people shop for a Limousine this way and expect a 5-star service. 
All too often a cheaper price translates into a larger risk for you. 
A 1994 Limousine rusting at the seams arrives at your door when you are expecting a Millenium shaped model. Instead of being lavished in luxury you are embarrassed. The Limousine does not show up and you miss your engagement. The chauffeur is wearing jeans and trainers. A Limousine company with a lack of adequate insurance. Rusty, dirty, unreliable, and possibly even unsafe. All these outcomes are possible results of booking a "best price Limousine". There are exceptions, although the lower the price, the greater the risks that you take with your journey. These Limousines take a lot of maintenance and as a result cost a fortune to keep up to scratch and more importantly safe. It is impossible to charge low prices and achieve these standards. But split between 8 people it only amounts to a few pounds extra for peace of mind. Most reputable company’s will only differ in price by maybe £20/30, it’s the ones who differ by £70/100 you have to be wary of ie: An average London return with any of the  reputable company’s in this area, that Kent Limos has dealings with,  depending on journey details, is around £350/400. So if you are quoted, for example, £275 for the same journey, beware. Our advice would be to book with someone else.